The Secrets to Selling Your Home in 2021

It’s no secret that the real estate market has changed since the Coronavirus pandemic.

Everything has been turned upside down for those searching to buy a home or looking to sell their home. What used to be extremely turn-key and functional now has us at a loss and grasping for help along the way.

While 2020 has taught us to accept the ebbs and flow of the “new normal,” you might be wondering how you can sell your home after a year like the one we just had.

If you’re thinking about selling your home in 2021, here are some helpful tips to help you navigate through this change in the world of real estate:


1. Stage A Home Office

Many potential home buyers are still working from home and are searching for spaces that include home offices. If you have a spare room in your home that you could convert into a functional office space, this could actually help you in the long run when you start marketing your home. If you don’t have a particular room available, you can convert a section in your living room to a practical office space. Just by including a desk and a computer, you can stage a look that a potential home buyer may be looking for during their home search.


2. Use Freelance Photographers

Now is the time to use your community. Shopping local and helping small businesses has been a considerable initiative since the start of the pandemic back in 2020. There are still tons of people out of work who could benefit from your help. Use freelance photographers to capture the essence of your home. Not only will you have professional-quality photos ready to blast out on real estate websites, but you will also be giving back to those who truly could use the business during this time.


3. Initiate Safe Contact During Home Walkthroughs

The number one thing on everyone’s mind is safety. Ensure that your home is adequately sanitized before initiating walkthroughs. Greet potential buyers with a mask and hand sanitizer for added effect. Not only will people touring your home appreciate the consideration, but it will also help them relax and enjoy the experience. When they are comfortable in a living space, it could inspire them to be in the right mindset when picturing themselves in this home long term.


4. Offer Virtual Walkthroughs

If you want to be all-inclusive with your walk-throughs, we have found that virtual walkthroughs are just as compelling. This will provide additional avenues for potential home buyers to see your house and will offer even more marketing material to get your house out there and on the market, for all to see. With the advancement of technology these days, you’re sure to attract the ideal consumer to take a look at your home without them even having to leave their couch.


5. Work with A Reputable Real Estate Agent

If this article is providing you more stress than comfort, have no fear! By hiring a reputable real estate agent, we can take the stress of selling your home off of your hands.

BSR Realty Group provides certified, determined, and hard-working real estate agents that have been in the industry for years. We have mastered the art of selling (especially during this pandemic!), and we’re here to provide you with everything you need to sell your home during 2021.

If you’re interested in learning more about our real estate group, contact us today!

Let’s get you a win for 2021. After a year like 2020, you deserve it!