The History of Singer Island

When it comes to any decision in life, it’s essential to think, reflect, and do your research.

A life-changing decision such as deciding where to live is probably one of the most significant choices we have to make. When thinking about buying a home, you want to evaluate all options; is this in the school zone I want? Is it near the restaurants I love? How far away is it from my job? Is there a sense of community? While each person’s hierarchy of needs may differ, one thing we can all agree on is at least knowing the history behind the place you are aiming to call “home.”

You wouldn’t buy a coffee without knowing the ingredients, the type of coffee, and the background of the coffee shop -, and you certainly wouldn’t buy a home without knowing what you’re in for, either.

If you’re considering moving to Singer Island, here’s all the information you need:

Singer Island lies on the coast of Palm Beach County, Florida, and is among one of the most beautiful places to call home. Originally named after Palm Beach developer Paris Singer, this area is a homeowner’s dream. Complete with parks, marinas, walking paths, beach access, and more, this residential community is a lovely place to settle in, relax, and enjoy the finer things that Florida has to offer.

Singer Island was initially meant to become a development called Palm Beach Ocean. Paris Singer intended to create a luxury resort hotel dubbed after himself, but over time, plans changed, and for the better, it was the best choice.

Singer Island is now home to dreamy, elegant condo living. You can live a million-dollar lifestyle with these luxurious views on this little scoop of paradise.

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