While we continue to embrace this new normal, we are all still remaining extremely cautious, given the recent pandemic.

If you are still staying safe and sound at home, we know you are most likely growing more and more bored by the minute. With boredom comes the need to fill our time with activities that we usually would have put off until the last minute. Many of us have a long list of home improvement tasks to do, so why not tackle that list? Now is the perfect time to work on the place that you are spending the most time – your beautiful home.

Here are five home improvement ideas to tackle during quarantine:

1. Start Your Own Garden

There’s nothing quite like the smell and scenery of beautiful flowers to remind you that everything will be okay. Plant some flowers or even start your own vegetable garden. With the growing interest of healthy alternatives to buying groceries, you can start growing your own tomatoes, spices, peppers, and more.

Whether you have a windowsill or a large backyard, you can put your green thumb to work and reap the benefits of freshly-grown food or lovely, inspiring flowers.

2. Hang Up Those Pictures

Do you have frames, pictures, or artwork that are collecting dust and need to be hung? Now is the perfect time to finally put up those items in your home. Grab your tool kit and your mounting materials and finally complete this project so you can actually enjoy the things you spent money and time on.

3. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Find a fresh new color that brings you excitement and joy! Take the time to finally paint that room that you have been meaning to color for some time now.

A new coat of paint can truly transform even the dreariest of rooms. Plus, a contemporary color will change the room’s feel and might even inspire you to rearrange and redecorate the space completely. Buy some extra brushes, get the family involved, and make it a paint party for all!

4. Fix Up Your Old Furniture

Is your kitchen table chipping? Do you detest the color of your barstools? Have you been ignoring that Goodwill dresser that you promised you would fix up yourself?

All you need are a few basic tools to completely convert your worn-down furniture into something new and exciting for your home. Grab some sandpaper, primer, and paint. Go crazy with new drawer knobs or fun stencils and get motivated to finally complete that DIY!

5. Organize Your Garage

If you are hesitant even to step foot into your garage, we know how intimidating organizing this over-cluttered space may be.

Take out everything in your garage…and we mean everything. Separate your tools, outdoor toys, boxes, and equipment into “Keep” and “Donate” piles (trust us, you don’t need those roller skates that your son wore when he was 10.)

Once you have an idea of what you want to keep, organize your items in a way that makes sense for you. If you frequently find yourself tripping over bikes and scooters to access the lawn equipment, move the outdoor activity items to the garage’s back. Organize your items into different bins and even include new shelving for easy access. This significant project will be time-consuming, but imagine how great you will feel after it is all done!

While this time still remains uncertain, one thing you know for sure is that you have to make your home a place you actually want to be. By taking the time to work on your house, you have the opportunity to cross some tasks off your to-do list.

Get started on your home improvement project now and enjoy the relief of completing previously procrastinated projects. You have the time now…so, you might as well take advantage of it!

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