5 Tips for Moving During the New Year

2020 has come to a close and we are all rejoicing for the new year ahead!

Many of us underwent different challenges this past year and are looking forward to a clean slate and a fresh start. Our to-dos are starting to grow, and we anxiously scribble down new year’s resolutions with the hope that this coming year will be dramatically different than last year. 

Perhaps, you are looking to finally start that weight loss challenge. Maybe, you are determined to find a new job and start a new chapter. Or, you could have a goal of moving into your new home during the new year.

At BSR Realty Group, we understand the challenges of starting a new year. And, moving on top of that could add some stress to your proposed “stress-free” new year. Our group of realtors wants you to enjoy this new year and find the home of your dreams in a comfortable, turn-key way. Here are five tips that will help you if you plan on moving during the new year:


1. Create a Strategy

Don’t go into your move blindly! Make sure you have a schedule and a strategy for your move. It can quickly become an overwhelming process if you do not dedicate yourself to arranging a course of action. Whip out that new 2021 calendar and plan out your move to the day. Determine your moving timeline, your day-by-day to do’s, and your plan for move-in day. That way, you will have something concrete to stick to, keeping you organized and on task for the new year’s move ahead.


2. Find Your Movers

Finding the best moving company in your area can be challenging. Enlist the help of your realtor, friends, family, and neighbors to find the best mover for you. Determine your moving budget, and be sure to start packing early to avoid wasting time on the big day. Enlist the help of a local organizing company or even your close friends to help you pack and secure the movers for a seamless move.


3. Consider Your Timing

The week between Christmas and New Years’ is usually pretty low-key, providing you ample time to pack up your home and organize your move. Usually, the first week of the new year is filled with new-year energy; everyone is inspired to stick to their new year’s resolutions and better themselves during the first month of 2021. This could be great for your timing; people will be inspired to help and participate in your move. Lean on friends and family during this time, and make sure to coordinate with work on a schedule that works for you to make this moving process easy and without stress.


4. Label Everything

The last thing you want to do is stress yourself out when looking for essential items during your move. Make sure to label everything and even create a box/duffle bag of must-haves during the day of the move. This could include your toiletries, necessary items like tape and scissors, and even household items such as toilet paper, Clorox wipes, etc. That way, you won’t have to dig through piles and piles of stuff to find what you need on move-in day. And even if you have to do so, you can lean on your expert labeling skills to find precisely what you need during the big move.


5. Leave Space to Breathe

During this time of the year, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You’re coming off of a year of challenges, the holidays, and not to mention an ongoing Pandemic! Cut yourself some slack, and if things are getting too hectic, just take a minute to breathe and relax. Everything WILL end up getting done. You will be in your new home before you know it, and worrying about moving will be a thing of the past!


Moving can be chaotic, especially coming off of the holidays and entering a new year. At BSR Realty Group, we understand that you might be stressing out. Understanding what to expect is important when it comes to moving during the new year. After all, who wants to deal with a hectic move after the holidays? No one! So, take the time to plan and trust the best realtors in Palm Beach County to help you find the perfect home to ease your stress. The new year brings a new chapter, and we want you to enjoy this time!

Want to learn more about BSR Realty Group? Visit our website today and contact us for more details on our listings! Happy New Year!