Location Redux: Ask, Ask, Ask

BSR1101When it comes to real estate Jupiter holds offerings that are attractive to all sorts of buyers. In the area of residential real estate Jupiter homes are some of the best values on the market anywhere; and in commercial real estate, Jupiter properties are poised for growth that will follow along with the residential explosion.

But no matter whether you’re looking at commercial real estate or homes for sale Jupiter buyers should look out for the same sorts of things buyers in any market should — and, to crib from the old real estate cliché, they all have to do with location.

We help a lot of people from out of state look at Florida properties, and as difficult as it might be to schedule, we can’t recommend enough in favor of buyers taking the time to get “on the ground” in the area where they’re considering. The advantage this has is, as a buyer, you get to ask the questions you need answered to make an informed buying decision.

Ask about additional costs. There are of course more costs to owning real estate than the purchase price. Many Jupiter neighborhoods have associations that require annual fees, and most of the time those fees are offset by the value of the particular amenities on offer, or the upkeep that is included.

Also, ask about utilities. There are many homes and commercial real estate Jupiter that are new construction and utilized fantastic “green” efficient building methods that can make it easier and less expensive to keep comfortable; there are also many that cost more. Similarly, seemingly minor landscaping differences can add up to huge variations in water bills.

Finally, ask about the neighborhood. Your real estate agent can tell you a lot about how property prices in a particular area are faring, and whether there’s some indication that they’ll be moving up or down. There’s no substitute for having an experienced agent on your side!

A Home for Retirement: Re-Sizing Your Lifestyle

BSR0902The Jupiter Florida real estate market is no stranger to beautiful homes suitable for a well-deserved retirement; from Admiral’s Cove and Frenchman’s Creek to Egret Landing and Abacoa, options abound for those who are searching for just the right spot to enjoy their golden years.

But it’s important for buyers in this market to recognize that even if they’ve bought homes before, buying for retirement is a different animal; things you looked for in a home when you were working a steady job, or still had children under the roof, aren’t going to be the same characteristics you want when your time is wholly your own — and your income fixed.

So while nearly every Jupiter home for sale could be a good enough one for retirement, the ones that will stand out for you are those that match your needs at this stage in life — not the needs you think you might have. A good example is size; many buyers will look at a near perfect potential home for retirement as being too small, because they feel it important to be able to house all the family that might visit at one time. But for the extra cost of a few bedrooms and bathrooms in that home’s purchase price, a buyer could opt for a smaller home and invite their families to stay in the finest hotel in Florida every time they stay (and probably still come out ahead).

Larger homes also cost more to heat, cool, and maintain; for a fixed income retired person, it might be best to find an exceptional smaller home — even if there’s a larger one in a similar price range — and be ready to pocket the savings on upkeep.