Real Estate North Palm Beach: Best Pre-Sale Fix-Ups

BSR1202We’ve talked on this blog before about how important it can be to differentiate your home from everything else in the market; when potential buyers are looking at homes for sale North Palm Beach properties all have a lot to offer. And while there are a lot of methods to making yours stand out from the crowd, perhaps the best tack to take is focusing on simple improvements that make the biggest impact.

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck in terms of indoor fixes, nothing beats paint. Time takes its toll on even the best interior paint job, and especially in areas around the kitchen there’s a tendency for paint to appear lackluster after even a few years. A professional painter who knows their stuff is worth the price — they can advise not only on the best values in neutral colors that are universally appealing to buyers, but also help with minor cracks that may have developed over time.

We also advise our clients that while kitchen remodels are fun and return most of the money invested, bathroom remodels almost always return 100% and can have a big impact on potential buyers. Kitchen trends may come and go, but an out-of-date bathroom never seems to come back around; replacing aging fixtures, installing new and brighter lights and refinishing (or completely re-doing) the floor will pay off.

Finally, while we’re on the topic of floors, don’t be afraid to consider replacing the flooring throughout your home; wide-open spaces truly pop when they’re covered with new material, whether it’s carpet, hardwood or tile. When you’re ready to sell (or buy), you’re ready for the realtor North Palm Beach homeowners recommend most to their friends and family; contact us today!

Juno Beach Real Estate Tip: Tax Advantages To Vacation Homes

BSR1201When potential buyers start looking at vacation homes for sale Juno Beach naturally pops up as a popular destination for them. As far as varied offerings in real estate Juno Beach is hard to match — there’s literally something for everyone in this small-town-feeling community, from the smallest townhomes to luxury estates. But when it comes to vacation property, the usual methodology doesn’t take into account the possible tax advantages to owning a second home.

The key to taking advantage of them is to be sure your second home isn’t just a vacation home for you along — you need to rent the property out. Surprisingly, there are a number of tax deductions that are just for landlords, and if your vacation home is primarily set up as a rental property, you can take advantage of them too.

Tax deductions for rental property include interest on mortgages taken out both to purchase and to improve the property for rental — and that deduction also includes interest that accumulates on credit cards as a result of paying for goods or services needed for the rental process.

Depreciation of a rental property is also tax-deductable; essentially this means a portion of the purchase price of the property is deducted every year for several years until the full cost is met.

Landlords can also deduct the cost of any standard repairs needed to keep the property up to par for potential renters; they can also deduct the cost of travel to and from the property when specifically done for the sake of the rental activity.

Other deductions include the cost of various kinds of insurance, and even the cost of legal and professional services needed — on which note we’ll advise you to consult a tax professional before you file for any of these deductions.

A Home for Retirement: Re-Sizing Your Lifestyle

BSR0902The Jupiter Florida real estate market is no stranger to beautiful homes suitable for a well-deserved retirement; from Admiral’s Cove and Frenchman’s Creek to Egret Landing and Abacoa, options abound for those who are searching for just the right spot to enjoy their golden years.

But it’s important for buyers in this market to recognize that even if they’ve bought homes before, buying for retirement is a different animal; things you looked for in a home when you were working a steady job, or still had children under the roof, aren’t going to be the same characteristics you want when your time is wholly your own — and your income fixed.

So while nearly every Jupiter home for sale could be a good enough one for retirement, the ones that will stand out for you are those that match your needs at this stage in life — not the needs you think you might have. A good example is size; many buyers will look at a near perfect potential home for retirement as being too small, because they feel it important to be able to house all the family that might visit at one time. But for the extra cost of a few bedrooms and bathrooms in that home’s purchase price, a buyer could opt for a smaller home and invite their families to stay in the finest hotel in Florida every time they stay (and probably still come out ahead).

Larger homes also cost more to heat, cool, and maintain; for a fixed income retired person, it might be best to find an exceptional smaller home — even if there’s a larger one in a similar price range — and be ready to pocket the savings on upkeep.

Tips for Buying In Planned Communities

BSR0901We’re seeing a lot of increased interest among our clients in planned communities like Egret Landing, Admiral’s Cove, and Abacoa. Jupiter Florida real estate has no shortage of great planned communities and each one has its own unique character and specific appeal. It’s important when picking a Jupiter home for sale in a planned community that you take the time to find just the right one for your family’s needs; remember, your home is an investment, so there’s nothing more important than doing due diligence to ensure you’re investing wisely.

A great place to start is your local real estate experts — that’s us. We can help you find information about individual communities with respect to their planning and development history, and what each community has in store for the future. Many planned communities are not fully “built out,” so there are changes coming down the pike in terms of undeveloped space that may or may not be planned in a way you find inviting or appropriate.

Visiting the individual homes within the communities you’re interested in is of course a must; but it’s just as important to take the time to look around beyond those four walls as well. Visit the amenities that attracted you to the particular planned community, and see how well they’re being maintained and whether the activities you expect are taking place.

Finally, there’s no substitute for experience. See if you can talk to local homeowners about the challenges and opportunities they faced when they moved into each planned community, and find out whether the available schools, healthcare facilities, recreational opportunities, social activities and retail establishments have turned out to be everything they’d hoped, and what they expect to see in the years to come. The fewer surprises before you buy, the better!

Abacoa Homes Jupiter, Florida

Abacoa is a master-planned community of 17 neighborhoods in Jupiter, Florida — designed from the ground up to have the look and feel of a traditional family-friendly town.

The designers used simple planning aspects, like an emphasis on front porches on the houses with garages accessed from the back alleys, as well as some more esoterical — like central greenspaces and and community buildings. Spanning more than 2,000 acres, Abacoa is designed using the precepts of the Traditional Neighborhood Development movement, weaving together homes, schools, shops, offices and 393 acres of open space parks into a single community, made up of different areas with unique personalities — each purposefully designed to help residents and visitors engage one another (and their surroundings) more closely and directly.

In Abacoa, it’s all about building and maintaining community — not in just keeping the landscaping neat and trim, but in organizing its residents to develop real, lasting relationships that can be built upon for mutual support. Whether riding with the bike club, tending to the community garden, joining in the the active theater group or visiting with other dog owners in the doggie play group, Abacoa has a community activity group for everyone.

Best of all, the integration of smaller residential neighborhoods with Abacoa’s own business districts means most everything you need is close by — no I-95 traffic to contend with. If you’re looking for exceptional value among Jupiter, Florida homes, and like the idea of a planned community with so much to offer, picking from among one of Abacoa‘s neighborhoods should be high on your list of considerations.